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Download Viber for PC Windows

Viber for PC is a program that enables users to call and send messages to the modern mobile phones for FREE. Also, users, who have Viber application installed, can send photos to each other and show their locations anytime. Viber for Windows is a program that allows people to use all its features for FREE. So, now you can download Viber application to save your money and control expenses on your mobile phone. The program has the minimal user’s requirements. You should only have GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection.

Discover More Interesting Features of Viber & Save your Money:

Once you download Viber and install it on your mobile, the application will use your mobile phone number and contact list. The program also shows the contacts, which have Viber program installed. You can ask people from your contact list to install Viber program if they don’t have this application installed yet. After this, you can talk to your friends for FREE.


Viber application allows its users to make FREE calls (you pay for the Internet traffic only), send messages and exchange photos between smartphones on the basis of Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Symbian, Bada and Windows Phone, which have Viber application installed.
Viber application always works effectively without errors, bugs, and problems. One of the most important program’s competitive advantages is that it supports all major mobile operating systems: Android, iPhone oS, Windows Phone, Bada, BlackBerry and Symbian, s40. Also, the program supports such operating systems as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac Os.

Download Viber for PC Windows:

That’s why you can download Viber and install it on your PC. High-quality voice connection provided by this amazing program will allow you to hear your interlocutor perfectly even if the internet connection speed is low. Working with Viber you will never have lost messages. It should be noted that the messages are always delivered to a recipient. People, who download Viber, are always satisfied with the program and its quality. When you download Viber application and start to use it, its amazing features will definitely impress you. Due to its numerous competitive advantages, the program has established a good reputation at the market. People like to use Viber due to its fantastic feature and recommend it to their friends.

The list of main program’s features includes the following:

  • Viber doesn’t require registration. Authorization is effected by phone number;
  • the application supports group chat;
  • the program supports transforming voice to text;
  • Viber supports Push-notifications (even if the application is not launched users can accept calls and messages anyway);
  • the program can be easily integrated with the address book;
  • users can send messages from their locations (GPS geo-location);
  • multi-language interface;
  • When you download Viber, you will be allowed to make international calls.

It should be pointed out that Viber program is easy to understand and easy to use. In order to start using the program, you should Download Viber FREE application first. The next step that you have to take is to install the program on your mobile device. When the installation is completed you can make calls and send messages to your friends for FREE. Now press here to download Viber Application for FREE and keep in touch with your friends.


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