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Download Word Viewer for Windows

If you do not require complete MS Office and only want to read Word documents, you can download Word Viewer for making your life easier. When you download Word viewer, the application will allow you copy and print the Word files in addition to merely reading them. It is a freeware made available by the software giant Microsoft and taps those consumers who want a reliable replacement for complete MS office.

Know More about Word Viewer App Great Offered Features

Download Word Viewer for Windows today to enjoy the bundle of benefits that this application offers. The user can get ample support in the form of Word Viewer when it comes to working with file formats such as .rtf, .xml,.wps, .wpd, .txt, .docx, .docm, and of course the .doc.

Word Viewer protects your computer from the threats that Macros pose as it does not support running on the same. Thus, you are at bare minimum risk while using this application. Some of the unique features of this application are:

  • It is a very quick word reader with little footprint and reads documents faster than any word processor.
  • This document reader does not need any additional software and can print the document in fairly fast speed.
  • Of course, you cannot do any editing activity but the reading and downloading get a special flavor when done through the Word Viewer for PC.

Word Viewer has undergone many enhancements since inception and is gaining a lot of popularity due to the awesome speed it allows the reader to view and print the document. Hence, all those people who use their netbooks for working on Word-based documents have started using Word Viewer for Netbook to get rid of the space consumption issues faced with complete MS office. It is very interesting to note that the latest version of Word Viewer is applicable in a case of XML and DOCX files to and the need of downloading compatibility package from Microsoft is diminishing day by day.

Download Word Viewer Full Version Now and Install it for FREE

Word Viewer full download is made available to the consumers on the official site of Microsoft and also other reliable software provider sites that believe in serving the consumers to maximum satisfaction. The download is made very simple and the utility of this application can be determined from the number of downloads that are increasing every minute. With such a huge number of followers all over the world, Word Viewer for PC outdoes many other applications on the popularity scale.

How to download Word Viewer and install it Step by Step

To download Word Viewer for Windowsyou need just a few steps. Click the Download Word Viewer button and save the file on the hard disk. The setup program is started on the hard disk with the help of wdviewer.exe file. Instructions that appear are very simple and easy to follow, and the installation of Compatibility Pack for ensuring complete use of this application ends the process.

Word Viewer application is found to crash frequently when used in full-screen mode and the formatting is also a bit problematic but does not deter you from viewing the documents.


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