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Quickoffice Download For PC Windows 8

All computer users know such a program as QuickOffice for PC. It is also known as QuickOffice for Windows. There is also QuickOffice program that allows users to work with Word and Excel file and watch PowerPoint presentations on smartphones.

When you download Quickoffice program you can create, read and edit Word and Excel files and receive them attached to an email via MMS messages. It is important to note that the application supports, Catch, Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, Huddle, Egnyte, MobileMe, and SugarSync. This set is quite good. Also, it is constantly updated and new services are added to the list. Now, it is the right time to talk about the main features of QuickOffice application. This information will help you understand why you should download QuickOffice for PC.

The Most Useful Features of QuickOffice Program for PC Windows:

QuickOffice is a program that has become extremely popular among users due to its great design and excellent features. Do you like QuickOffice for PC or so-called QuickOffice for Windows? Would you like to have the same program installed on your mobile phone? In this case, you need to download QuickOffice application right now and enjoy its amazing features. It goes without saying that this app will exceed all your expectations in the end.

Features of QuickOffice For PC

  • Download Quickoffice program and enjoy editing text and tables in your files;
  • QuickOffice supports different font types, lists, paragraphs, titles, colon titles, fields;
  • users of a program can view the page in different scales;
  • QuickOffice supports the main formats of Microsoft Excel sheets: number, text, date, time and work with formulas;
  • users can move, rotate, scale objects, edit text comments in PowerPoint presentations;
  • QuickOffice has a file manager;
  • users can open and view PDF files;
  • users can get the access to files located on their device and Google disc;
  • users can attach files to their email messages;
  • the application has a beautiful and convenient design. All elements are performed in the same style;
  • the main screen is divided into three zones and opens in a full-screen mode;
  • Quickword. An editor of Microsoft Office Word documents supports 97-2003, 2007 and 2010 versions of documents and pinch-to-zoom. There is a text-to-speech option;
  • Quicksheet. An editor of Microsoft Office Excel supports 97-2003, 2007 and 2010 versions of documents and pinch-to-zoom;
  • Quickpoint. An editor of Microsoft Office PowerPoint supports 97-2003, 2007 and 2010 versions of documents;
  • QuickPDF. This program can’t edit PDF documents and can be used to view PDF files only;
  • File Manager. People, who download Quickoffice and install it, are always provided with the access to folders, where data is stored and to some online note services like Evernote. File manager shows not only supported files. It also shows any other files stored in a folder.

Download QuickOffice Now and Manage your Files for FREE

Do you want to Download QuickOffice? This application for Android platform is available in three versions. There is QuickOffice Pro Trial (free trial version), QuickOffice Pro (paid version for smartphones) and QuickOffice Pro HD (paid version for tablets).


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